When choosing materials for a sustainable construction/green building project, steel is a natural choice. VP Buildings was a founding member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and we know steel. We are also active participants in the US Green Building Council and the Cool Roof Rating Council, two of the leading organizations in the development of sustainable design standards. Moreover, VP Buildings Systems Construction process, combined with many of VP’s alternative wall and roof products can make VP Buildings the perfect partner for your next sustainable construction contract. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Recycled Materials—VP’s steel frames, secondary and sheeting contain recycled steel. This is one of the components of LEED point eligibility.
  • Reusable or Recyclable Materials—All of VP’s steel components are made of 100% reusable/recyclable alloy. VP metal buildings can be relocated and reused, providing expanded adaptability for different end uses and greatly extending their usable life.
  • Energy Efficient—VP Buildings offers an ever-expanding range of code compliant, efficiency-enhancing structural components.

The Growing Presence of GREEN Building

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In recent years, consideration for the environmental impact a building has on its surroundings and occupants, both initially and over the life cycle of the building has brought about a growing trend toward “building green” and sustainable construction.

What Is It?

Simply put, it is a combination of design and construction practices that notably reduce, and in some cases eliminate, certain perceived negative impacts a building may have on the environment and occupants. You may have heard it referred to as Sustainable Design.

For a building to meet the parameters of sustainable design, its plan and construction must include built-in design features and materials that enhance

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Safeguard water and water efficiency
  • Conservation of materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality