Fast Track Delivery in 6 – 8 Weeks

Varco Pruden Buildings’ Fast-Track program is a simple pricing and order entry system for low to medium complexity buildings. With Fast-Track, T Bar T can provide customers with a custom designed building to meet their specific application. Whether you need a small storage building or a large multi-purpose industrial facility, Fast-Track can provide the solution. Most buildings that meet Fast-Track specifications can be manufactured and delivered to your site in as little as four to six weeks.

Available products include Standing Seam Roof and Panel Rib roofs, Panel Rib, Vee Rib and RPR wall panels. Flexible framing options include four separate end-wall options, movable bracing locations and mixed bay spacing, making Fast-Track a viable option for many typical building projects.

Using computer-aided design and detailing to minimize manual order processing allows for faster fabrication. The system is designed to meet most current building codes, in both the United States and Canada. Parameters are subject to change without notice.